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Down to the Wiring


A new wave of mail-order DNA tests can determine with amazing precision which foods are right for you.

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Is caffeine slowing you down?


Recently, Nanci Guest, a registered sports dietitian and PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, recruited 100 athletes for a test. They all rode a 10-km time trial. Before each test ride, an athlete was given a caffeine supplement: either 4 mg/kg of body weight, 2 mg/kg of body weight or a placebo. Guest wanted to see who exactly got a benefit from the caffeine and who didn’t. She figured the results were connected to an athlete’s genes.

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Are Your Genes Screwing Up Your Diet?


A chat with the scientist who thinks "nutrigenomics" is going to be the next big thing in personal nutrition.

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Test Your Genes to Find Your Best Diet


To find your best diet, a handful of companies and clinics offer nutritional genetic testing, aimed at revealing what nutrients you may be missing and if you’re drinking too much coffee.

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Will caffeine make you a better athlete? That depends on your DNA

For Coffee Drinkers, the Buzz May Be in Your Genes


Why is there so much conflicting evidence about coffee? The answer may be in our genes.

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Diet by DNA


As the emerging field of nutrigenomics grows, more and more athletes are looking to personalize their diets for performance gains.

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Test shows how your genes respond to certain foods and drinks


A new saliva test can tell you how seven of your particular genes affect how you respond to certain foods and drinks.

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DNA diet: The genetic test that alerts you to potentially deadly effects of salt, caffeine or saturated fat


Will nutritional genomics make it easier to follow a healthy diet? Clint Witchalls sends off his DNA for a nutritional diagnosis.

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The Independent: DNA diet: The genetic test that alerts you...

Toronto Star: Get a celiac test before giving up gluten


Researchers can’t find evidence of gluten sensitivity in people’s genes, except for in people with celiac disease.

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Toronto Star: Get a celiac test before giving up gluten